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Hydraulic baler operation process
Author : admin Time : 2019-02-26 AllPageView : 670
With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the hydraulic baler plays a big role. It can reuse some waste paper, and it is more and more popular with everyone. Our company's hydraulic waste paper baler has been continuously researched and developed. Innovation, constantly following the development of some advanced foreign technology, advancing with the times, to create the most practical, most assured, most advanced hydraulic packaging machinery for domestic environmental protection.

The company insists on perfecting and deepening quality management Keeping pace with the times The first-class quality of the foundry industry~ quality assurance, quality problems in one year warranty, replacement, return and bear the packaging and transportation costs of accessories. Welcome new and old customers to purchase ~ Let's take a look at the operation process of the hydraulic waste paper baler:
1. This is mainly used for the packaging and use of waste paper, and the operator must operate according to the operating procedures.
2. Check the circuit for misconnection or leakage before starting the hydraulic pump.
3. If abnormality is found, stop the operation immediately and eliminate the cause.
4. Hydraulic fluid must be added to the specified oil level line (46# hydraulic oil) before use.
5. When packing, the operator must pay attention to safety, evenly spread the paper, and place the paper in place. The upper lid door should be closed to start packing.
6. When packing, the hydraulic handle should be quickly pushed to the specified position to prevent the hydraulic handle from being quickly pushed to the specified position when the valve is packed. When the package is taken, the hydraulic handle should be quickly pushed to the specified position and the hydraulic oil flow is not enough, resulting in the motor passing. The flow causes the motor to overcurrent. Blockage and insufficient hydraulic oil flow cause the motor to over-current.
7. When the cover cylinder handle is pulled to the return position, the reverse handle is pushed.
8. All hydraulic rods must be retracted into the hydraulic cylinder after packing to prevent dust from damaging the seal and leaking oil.
9. Every anti-package around the hydraulic reverse board should be cleaned in time to prevent jamming.
10. Regular maintenance work should be done, and the oil pipe should be found in the place where it leaks.
11. When adjusting the pump, valve and pressure gauge, it must be carried out by experienced technicians. If the pressure gauge is found to be faulty, it should be repaired or replaced immediately.
12. Do not know the main machine structure, performance and operating procedures. When multiple people operate at the same time, the division of labor should be clear to avoid the danger of misuse.
13. After the door is opened, it is strictly forbidden to operate the door to prevent accidents.
14. When running or packing, do not repair or touch the moving parts by hand. Do not press the material in the bin with your hands or feet.
15. Nick baler waste paper baler oil pressure: no pressure adjustment is allowed, the operator must work under the oil pressure, the highest pressure limit 30MPa.
16. The oil in the tank must be strictly filtered and always maintain a sufficient amount of oil. The tank should be cleaned and replaced once every six months.
17. Lubrication should be filled at least once a day as required, and the debris in the chamber should be cleaned once per shift.
18. Stop the machine immediately if there is a serious oil leak or an abnormality in the work. Do not look at the place where the oil is sprayed. Do not directly block it by hand. Do not force the disease to run.
19. Use 46# anti-abrasion oil, always pay attention to oil temperature, stop when it exceeds 75 degrees.
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