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How to use the corrugated paper Baler for a long time
Author : admin Time : 2021-07-08 AllPageView : 308
The corrugated paper Baler is the industrial equipment of the carton Baler at this stage. The Baling Machine machine has high working efficiency, simple operation process and convenient use. Long-term use of the corrugated paper Baler will undoubtedly lead to its damage.
How to ensure long-term use? Establish a maintenance and management system for the baler, and record every maintenance of the baler. The cabinet table of the corrugated paper Baler should ensure the cleanliness of the environment before or after application;
In addition, when using the waste paper packaging machine, the operator should pay attention to the application of the corrugated paper packaging machine from start to finish. If there are abnormal noises or difficult problems in the box, please cut off the power as soon as possible to avoid production accidents.
After the corrugated paper baler is used for a long time, the operator should soak all the prefabricated components of the corrugated paper baler to ensure that all the prefabricated components can work normally. When inspecting the baler on the production line, the staff should try to record the problems of the mechanical equipment every time for future inspections. When operating the baler, the production line operators should pay attention to the baler as much as possible when working on the machine, so as not to reach into the mechanical equipment and prevent injury. In fact, after purchasing the waste paper baler, the manufacturer of waste paper baler recommends to formulate the performance coefficient of the baler of the operating regulations, so that we can use the corrugated paper baler more reasonably and ensure the long-term application of the baler.

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