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How to use hydraulic baler correctly
Author : admin Time : 2021-12-01 AllPageView : 400
Hydraulic baler work:
1. Feeding: Before feeding, check whether the movable door of the machine is locked, the pressure plate should be raised to the upper position, and then evenly put the required Baler materials.
2. Close the door: After the door of the machine is opened, the whole machine cannot be started. The machine can only be operated and started when the material warehouse is full of Baler materials. During operation, it is not allowed to feed or reach into the material warehouse to avoid accidents.
3. The operator stands in the correct position: When the machine is started and the material is compressed by the pressing plate downwards, the pushing force of the material outward is very large. When the door lock is damaged, the door is subject to a large internal thrust and may automatically pop up if the operator When standing in front of the door, accidents can happen at any time. Therefore, the operator cannot stand in front of the door. The correct standing position should be holding the handle of the manual reversing valve with your right hand, and the body is at a 45-degree angle to the main column, so as to avoid accidental ejection of the door.

4. Finished product out of package: When the material is compressed to a suitable height, after the material is pressed tightly by the pressing plate, the motor is stopped. At this time, the operator should stand on the column at a 45-degree angle and pull the lock guard. The door will automatically pop out when the compressed material is pushed outward, so the operator cannot stand in front of the door when opening the door. So as to avoid accidents. After opening the door, tie the bag through the rope opening between the upper and lower pressure plates. After binding the bag, resume the motor operation, pull up the handle of the reversing valve to raise the pressure plate to the upper position, and the bag block can be pushed out.

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