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How to improve the adhesiveness of hydraulic baler?
Author : admin Time : 2024-04-02 AllPageView : 152
The main methods to improve the adhesiveness of hydraulic balers are as follows:
Cleaning and preheating: Make sure the working environment of the baler is clean and avoid dust or other impurities that may affect the pasting effect. At the same time, preheating the baler can improve its work efficiency and adhesion.
Adjust the pressure: The pressure of the hydraulic baler directly affects its adhesiveness. If the pressure is too high, the strap may break; if the pressure is too small, the strap may not stick tightly. Therefore, the pressure needs to be adjusted according to actual needs.
Choose the right packing tape: Different packing tapes have different stickiness. Choosing the right packing tape can improve the stickiness of the baler.
Regular maintenance: Regular maintenance and upkeep of the baler can keep it in good working condition, thereby improving its adhesion.

Use high-quality adhesive: Using high-quality adhesive can improve the stickiness of the strapping tape, thereby improving the working effect of the baling machine.

Training the operator: The operator's operating skills will also affect the stickiness of the baler. Therefore, the operator needs to be trained to improve his operating skills.

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