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How to deal with the adhesion effect of corn stalk baler
Author : admin Time : 2020-08-27 AllPageView : 461
In the process of using the corn stalk baler,the bonding effect is not good due to many reasons,but when the problem occurs,the user cannot make a good judgment in the first time,which affects the production efficiency.Here are some common situations and solutions for the poor bonding effect of corn stalk balers:
1.The temperature is too high or too low.Sometimes the packing belt of a special corn stalk packing machine has poor viscosity and the temperature must be very accurate.
2.The compression spring in the middle cavity of the corn stalk baler is shortened or the compression spring is broken,resulting in insufficient pressure,replace the compression spring.

3.The bearing of 635 under the middle knife is damaged,so it can only be heated and cannot be glued at all.Replace the bearing of the corn stalk baler.

4.The long tension spring on the pendulum rod is fatigued.If there are some,the pendulum rod cannot be pulled into place,leading to half bonding or even less.Replace the tension spring.
5.The electric steel sheet is too high or too low,or to the left or right,because it touches the upper and lower PP belts,or the left and right tools,and cannot enter the heating,it must be adjusted according to the situation.
Nick corn stalk baler has simple structure,stable action,simple operation,low failure rate and easy cleaning and maintenance.It is a good helper for your production.
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