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How to choose between Bengal crocodile shears and tiger head shears
Author : admin Time : 2022-04-11 AllPageView : 242
As we all know, there are many types of hydraulic shears for scrap steel, including crocodile shears, tiger-head shears, gantry shears, box shears and metal shears. The models and specifications of these hydraulic shears are also different. Customers have different choices of raw materials and different equipment. It is very difficult to read more. Among them, the crocodile shears and the tiger head shears are more controversial, and the appearance of the two is not much different, and the shearing mechanism is similar. Both crocodile shears and tiger-head shears are used for cutting materials in diagonal shear (scissors). The difference between the 500-ton tiger-head shearing machine is to press up and down, so that the pressure is sufficient, the material is squeezed evenly, and the shearing type It is not easy to turn the material, and the cut is flat and crisp. The crocodile shears are all oblique shears. The bite force is small, the material is easy to turn and hurt people, and the small tonnage is small.
When choosing the two shears, there are several points to consider:
1. The thickness of the material.
2. How much is the labor cost (Tiger head shears automation saves labor).
3. Equipment capital budget.

4. The size of the venue.

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