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How to change the hydraulic oil of the straw baler?
Author : admin Time : 2021-05-19 AllPageView : 306
Diesel oil or gear oil must not be mixed into the oil of the straw baler. Adding diesel or gear oil to the oil will destroy the additives in the oil, causing the oil to quickly deteriorate and aggravate the wear of the friction parts. Do not use engine oil instead of gear oil. After replacing the gear oil with oil, the transmission gear is not easy to hang the oil film, which will cause the early wear of the drive pair. The old engine oil of the straw baler should not be mixed with the new engine oil. When the new and old engine oils are mixed, the oxidation degradation of the new engine oil will accelerate, thereby reducing the use effect and use time of the new engine oil.
Do not use gasoline engine oil instead of diesel engine oil. Otherwise, the oil is easily oxidized and deteriorated, and it will also cause damage to the diesel bearing bushes that are not corrosion-resistant. The lubricating oil of the straw baler should not be mixed with oil or diesel. Adding oil or diesel to the lubricating oil can easily drain the grease and reduce the use of grease. Do not use engine oil instead of brake fluid. Replacing the brake fluid with oil will cause the rubber parts of the brake system to swell and cause the brake to malfunction. You cannot use hydraulic oil instead of engine oil. The hydraulic oil of the straw baler is used as oil to form a paint film in the combustion chamber, which is difficult to remove and will increase wear after replacement.
In addition, when the straw baler changes the oil, it should be appropriately taken to ensure the economical use of the oil. In the case of technical conditions such as oil testing and identification, the oil should be replaced as much as possible to reduce fuel consumption costs. In addition, in order to prolong the service life of the oil, the old oil should be drained and the lubrication system should be cleaned. Crankcase ventilation should be kept working. When adding new oil, be careful not to mix in impurities and moisture. Change the oil and replace the filter.

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