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Horizontal Type Waste paper Baler machine
Author : admin Time : 2019-08-25 AllPageView : 489
 The waste paper baler adopts the horizontal form, and the hydraulic carton baler horizontal waste paper baler is easier to automate, which can improve the efficiency of packaging and save a lot of labor costs for packaging. How many tons of small waste carton compressors are pressed at one time? How many tons of small waste paper balers are packed at one time? The waste carton baler is also a waste paper briquetting machine, a waste carton compressor, which is used for extruding waste paper and, for example, a product under normal conditions, and the waste cardboard baling machine is fed into and packaged with a general packaging tape. The volume is greatly reduced, so as to reduce the transportation volume, the good equipment of the baler manufacturer reduces the transportation cost, saves the freight, and improves the efficiency for the enterprise.

In China, the recycling of used paper products nowadays, the distance from the national requirements is still very large, the hydraulic waste paper baler can be seen in the future waste paper acquisition industry must have a lot of space. The bag type is compact, neat and beautiful, and can greatly reduce the transportation cost. It is a cotton production area, a textile enterprise, a garment factory, and one step to improve the manufacturing tools of the waste recycling industry and other various light industrial enterprises. Large and medium-sized waste paper balers can be divided into two-phase electric and three-phase electric types according to the use environment and requirements. The customer can select according to the actual power supply conditions to further increase the purchase power.
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