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Difference between horizontal automatic baler and semi-automatic Baler
Author : admin Time : 2020-05-25 AllPageView : 496
 The horizontal automatic packing machine can realize automatic packing, but the table has no power. It needs to be pushed manually before the packaged items can pass the packing machine. The principle of the baler is a machine that uses a strap to wrap the product or package, and then tightens and melts the two ends through a thermal effect or uses materials such as buckles to connect. The function of the strapping machine is to make the plastic tape tightly adhere to the surface of the packaged package, to ensure that the package is not scattered due to the unbundling of the package during transportation and storage, and the package should be neatly and beautifully. Price of strapping machine: The price of automatic strapping machine or the quotation of automatic strapping machine is more than twice that of semi-automatic equipment.

Horizontal automatic baler series products all achieve continuous and reliable bundling, the plastic tape adheres to the surface of the package, the joint is firm, the electrical safety of the machine, and the work noise and smoke do not affect the health of the operator.

Fully automatic baler and semi-automatic Baler distinction
Fully automatic packing machine, without manual insertion, the trigger mode is divided into jog, manual, continuous hit, ball switch, foot switch, photoelectric sensor switch, just press the switch to automatically complete the packaging, convenient and fast, suitable for single machine mass production Production, such as with automatic conveyor belt, can realize unmanned automatic packing, which greatly saves manpower and reduces costs.
In the case of a semi-automatic strapping machine, it is necessary to insert the tape manually. After inserting the strapping tape, the machine will automatically complete the process of gathering, bonding, cutting, and ejecting the tape. Because each product requires manual operation, it is not suitable for mass production, but the semi-automatic model is small, cheap, easy to operate, and does not have high requirements for packaging straps. It can be adapted to packaging straps of various materials. market.
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