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Corn straw baler summer maintenance points
Author : admin Time : 2019-07-10 AllPageView : 596
1. Clean the dirt and weeds on the corn straw baler in time. Remove the exhaust pipe and clean the dirty cement sand inside. Clean the oil on the engine surface in time. If the oil is too thick outside the engine, it will affect the heat dissipation, and it will cause hidden dangers to various component failures. The high-pressure injection method will clean the engine components without cleaning the cleaning parts of the body parts.
Second, clean the air filter. First clean the filter element with diesel oil, then infiltrate with oil, and then assemble the excess oil after it has been drained from the filter. Remove the cylinder head, take out the valve group, wash the dirt, remove the rust spots and grind the valve.
3. Remove the vortex chamber inserts, clean the impurities, and unblock the main nozzle holes and starting holes that are blocked on the inserts. Remove the connecting rod nut, take out the piston rod set for cleaning, and remove the carbon deposit on the piston with a copper scraper or bamboo stick.
4. Discharge the dirty oil in the fuel tank and clean the fuel tank, diesel filter and fuel injection pump. Release the cooling water and rinse the impurities in the cooling water with water until the clean water flows out from the drain. The lubricating oil in the oil pan is discharged, and the oil pan and the filter are cleaned with diesel oil. After washing, add mixed oil (2/3 engine oil, 1/3 diesel oil), shake the crankshaft several times, clean the lubricating oil tank, then release the mixed oil, and add the clean oil to the specified scale position.
5. Remove the clutch, clean the parts with diesel, wash and dry before installation. Release the gear oil in the gearbox, wash it with diesel oil, and add clean gear oil. Remove the sand from the tires. Clean the dirt on each ball head. Adjust the front wheel toe value and the free angle of the steering wheel. Disassemble the brakes, clean the mud of the brake hub and brake pads, and dry them before installing.
6. Clean the dirt inside the electrical equipment. The coil is dried for inspection of insulation and electrical conductivity. Remove the dirt from the battery poles and apply butter to the line cards and poles. Unscrew the filling hole cover, dredge the vent hole, clean the impurities in the battery with distilled water, wash and add electrolyte to charge.
Seven, cold body explosion-proof tires. In summer, the temperature is high, and the tire rubber is prone to aging. In severe cases, there will be a puncture. Therefore, the tractor should check the tire pressure at any time during driving. If the tire is overheated and the air pressure is too high, the car should be parked in a cool place to cool down. Do not use cold water to pour it, otherwise it will cause a tire burst on the way.
Eight, the engine oil is resistant to deterioration. Lubricating oil is susceptible to heat thinning, poor oxidation resistance, easy deterioration, and even failures such as burning the shaft. Therefore, the crankcase and the gearbox should be replaced with summer lubricating oil, and the quantity of lubricating oil and oil quality should be checked frequently and replaced in time.
Nine, look at the water temperature gauge to prevent water shortage. Driving in hot weather, the water in the water tank evaporates faster, always pay attention to check the amount of cooling water, pay attention to the water temperature gauge. If you are short of water, you should immediately start the idling and cool down, then add water, and be careful not to open the radiator cover immediately to prevent burns.as more information ,please visit : www.nkbaler.net

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