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Common problems in the application of vertical sponge compressor
Author : admin Time : 2021-09-06 AllPageView : 272
Vertical sponge compressors can be widely used in wood mill scraps, waste paper purchase points, green fodder farms and paper tube packaging. In addition, this packaging machine has a faster packaging speed and can implement automatic, fully automatic and unmanned operations. Operation, so the equipment has the characteristics of saving time and time, is a practical new product.
Production safety is a prerequisite for increasing economic returns. Here is a detailed introduction to the various common problems in the entire process of large and medium-sized baler applications:
1. Pay attention to the manufacturing output power of the fully automatic vertical sponge compressor. If the application time of the transformer is too long, the application of exceeding the output power will not only cause the motor of the machine and equipment to burn out, but it is also very prone to fire accidents. Be very careful, please prepare in advance the working voltage and volume that are only used for this machine.
2. The ground wire of the machine and equipment must be installed properly. If the ground wire is not properly connected, there is a danger of electric shock.
3. When the extension wire is applied, it should not exceed 10m as much as possible. Extension cords used beyond this range will not only destroy the machine, but also the power plug and power socket are too hot, which may cause a fire accident.
4. Do not clean the machine with tap water. When the working site is wet and cold, the actual operating staff should not work barefoot;

5. After the work is over, all machines should be cleaned up, and the key parts should be often lubricated with oil.

The above are various common problems in the application of vertical sponge compressors. I hope it will be helpful to you. This Baler occupies a small area, is easy to install and maintain, and has the same practical operation methods as the general large and medium-sized ones, and the price is more Very easy for small and medium enterprises to accept, welcome to buy www.nkbaler.net
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