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Common faults and treatment methods of baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-11-02 AllPageView : 448
A. Analysis of common failures of vertical hydraulic baler
1. The machine is not working, but the pump is still running
2. The direction of rotation of the motor is reversed, check the direction of rotation of the motor;
3. The voltage of the motor is too low to operate normally under the existing load, check the voltage;
4. Check if there is any hose leakage or being pinched in the hydraulic pipeline;
5. Check whether the hydraulic oil in the oil tank is sufficient (the liquid level should be above 1/2 of the tank volume);
6. Check whether the suction pipeline device is loose, whether there are capillary cracks in the suction port of the pump, the suction pipeline should always have oil and no bubbles.
B. The machine runs too slowly
1. There is something blocking the suction filter, vent cap or pressure filter, or the hose is clamped;
2. The motor voltage is low;
3. The motor is overheated.
C. Incorrect wiring
1. The pump is overheated due to lack of oil;
2. The hydraulic oil is too thin or too thick;
3. Oil leakage or oil sprayed from the fuel tank, the ventilating plug causes the pressure of the fuel tank to increase, and the oil is sprayed out. Clean the ventilation holes or change to a ventilation device.
D. The machine can't work, the motor can't run
1. The control fuse is broken;
2. The motor starter is disconnected;
3. The fuse of the lead wire is broken;
4. Check the transformer;

5. Check button.

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