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Canadian waste paper baler operation related regulations
Author : admin Time : 2022-04-14 AllPageView : 240
The waste paper baler equipment has undergone a series of test machine inspection processes before leaving the factory to ensure the normal operation of all aspects of the equipment. When the product leaves the factory, the pressure has been adjusted, the pressure regulating screw of the reversing valve and the overflow valve has been sealed, (or the locking back nut has been locked) It is not allowed to remove the lead seal or loosen the back nut to adjust the pressure during use. In order to prevent damage to the mechanical parts caused by excessive voltage regulation, affecting normal use.
During the operation and use of waste paper baler equipment, there are many relevant operating specifications and taboos. Such as the daily operation specifications, the maintenance specifications of the waste paper baler after use, and the inspection and maintenance specifications when the equipment is abnormal. Only in accordance with the relevant use specifications, can the waste paper box baler have the longest service life, and then be able to create greater value. Create revenue for the enterprise.

After long-term use of the equipment, certain maintenance, replacement of hydraulic oil, addition and replacement of various lubricating oils, etc. should be carried out. Some components will be worn to a certain extent, and these worn components must be replaced in time to avoid bigger problems.

NKBALER recommends that you must follow the instructions for operation and maintenance to effectively extend the service life of the baler. Improve the working efficiency of the baler.
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