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Basic principles and components of hydraulic transmission
Author : admin Time : 2020-02-18 AllPageView : 602
Hydraulic systems are widely used, so why use a hydraulic drive system? What is the principle of hydraulic transmission? What are the characteristics? This article takes you through a simple graphic to understand the hydraulic drive system together.
What is hydraulic transmission
Hydraulic transmission uses liquid as the working medium. The drive unit converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the pressure energy of the liquid, and then through the pipeline, hydraulic control and adjustment devices, etc., the actuator converts the pressure energy of the liquid into mechanical energy to drive the load Achieve linear or rotary motion.
Why use hydraulic transmission?
Why convert energy from mechanical energy to hydraulic energy and then hydraulic energy to hydraulic energy?
Almost all machinery or machines require a transmission mechanism. This is because the prime mover is generally difficult to directly meet the requirements of the actuator in terms of speed, force, torque or movement mode, and it must be adjusted and controlled through the intermediate link-the transmission device. Hydraulic transmission is one of such control methods.
Other transmission methods are:
Mechanical transmission: commonly used parts are gears, crankshafts, shafts, belts, etc.
Pneumatic transmission: air or other gas is commonly used as the transmission medium.
Electric drive: Common parts are DC motor, thyristor, AC motor, inverter, etc.
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