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Attention of installing waste paper balers
Author : admin Time : 2022-11-02 AllPageView : 157
Whether the waste paper baler can operate normally should start from the initial installation of the baler. If the waste paper baler is not installed properly, how can it operate normally? The following are some points that should be paid attention to when installing the waste paper baler:
1. Refer to the foundation drawing for construction and installation. If the foundation and drawings are wrong, they should be adjusted. So as not to affect the normal operation of the equipment after installation.
2. After the host is installed, the level should be adjusted. Its level error is not greater than 0.1mm/m. It can be adjusted by angle iron, iron plate, etc. After adjusting the level, use angle iron, inclined iron and waste paper baling press machine to weld firmly.
3. The viewing platform and the feeding port should be installed tightly and firmly. The welding port should be knocked off the welding slag, polished smooth, and sprayed with anti-rust paint.
4. The imported wires should be buried in plastic pipes or erected at high altitudes to prevent high-voltage electric shocks. And often check the safety of the circuit, find that damage and aging need to be replaced in a timely manner.
5. Inject 46# anti-wear waste paper baling oil (added to 80-90% of the fuel tank volume), and filter and replace the waste paper baling oil as often as required.

6. The waste paper packaging machinery installed indoors needs to pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation, and the outdoor installation needs to pay attention to moisture and rain.

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