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Application of wood shavings briquetting machine
Author : admin Time : 2023-11-27 AllPageView : 154
The wood shaving machine is mainly used to mass produce thin flakes with uniform thickness. It is an automatic wood shaving briquetting machine. It includes a frame, a platform placed on the frame, and a knife holder fixed on the platform. The wood enters the machine from the feed port, slices through the blade inside the machine, and produces shavings. The shavings come out with uniform size and thickness, and wood There is no difference between the shavings produced by hand in the factory
Wood planer use:
1. It can be used as particle board (plywood), paper mills as raw materials for wood pulp paper, and transportation companies as filling materials for fragile products.
2. It can be used as filling material in the nests of small pigs, cattle, sheep and various animals, and can also be used as bioenergy.
3. The shaving briquetting machine can process logs, branches (twigs) and board edges into shavings. The shavings produced are the same as those produced by furniture factories. The automatic feeding equipment greatly improves the production speed.

4. The cylinder pressing device and hydraulic reciprocating motion device are used to make the contact pressure between the wood and the shaving knife uniform, and to process thin shavings with uniform thickness.

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