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Advantages of Swedish mineral water bottle Baler machine
Author : admin Time : 2021-10-15 AllPageView : 343
The mineral water bottle Baler machine is specially used for the compression and Baler of hollow items such as cans, PET cola bottles, oil bottles, mineral water bottles and so on.
Advantages of horizontal balers for mineral water bottles:
1. The machine adopts hydraulic transmission, horizontal horizontal bagging, high output, low failure rate of this equipment, and stable operation.
2. The pump station is equipped with a pressure gauge to display the working pressure more intuitively; the fuel tank is equipped with an oil level display gauge, which can visually display the change of oil volume, and is equipped with an electric heater function (optional) to prevent hydraulic pressure when starting in winter The oil is too thick to damage the pump; the oil tank is large enough to dissipate heat when working, so as to prevent the oil temperature from being too high in summer, the oil pressure is reduced or the seal is damaged.
3. The hydraulic cylinder is designed and manufactured according to heavy machinery standards, with reliable quality and long service life. Normally, it can be used for 20 years without any problem. If the seal has reached the end of its life, only need to replace the seal.

4. The box body is welded from thick steel plates after mechanical processing, which eliminates stress, is not easy to weld and has a long service life, so both the internal quality and the appearance quality are very good.

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