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Advantages of Moroccan can balers
Author : admin Time : 2021-09-26 AllPageView : 290

The NICKBALER can Baler has reliability and stability, is widely used, stylish in appearance, and exquisite in

workmanship. It can be equipped with anti-rebound barbs, with a stable switch and an open and stable interlocking


Advantages of hydraulic can Baler:

1. The hydraulic oil circuit power system is adopted to improve the Baler efficiency. It has the characteristics of fast

Baler speed, high efficiency, energy saving and electricity saving, and stable performance.     

2. A variety of cooling systems are available for users to choose (water cooling system, air cooling system and

industrial air-conditioning cooling system).    

3. Fast wire binding device, low failure rate and easy maintenance.    

4. Adopting the principle of mechanics, 3 sets of tight-Baler oil cylinders make the compressed material more tightly

compressed, and the packed bag has a more regular shape and a greater density.  

The NICKBALER can Baler has the characteristics of beautiful bag shape, easy installation, simple operation,

convenient maintenance, and small floor space. www.nkbaler.net

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