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30 ton hydraulic baler is widely used
Author : admin Time : 2021-09-02 AllPageView : 266
1. All specifications and models adopt the four-column hydraulic control panel, and the operation process of manual or PLC process control system can be selected;
2. Feeding methods have different methods such as turning over the bag, pushing the bag (side push and forward push) or manually taking the packing (Baling Press);
3. Using 380V output power, in areas without toroidal transformers, diesel engines can be used as driving force
4. The driving force of extrusion processing can be selected by consumers
5. The model and specifications of the reduction chamber of the 30-ton hydraulic baler can be customized according to customer requirements.
6. The pusher cylinder and the pusher head are connected by a slope structure, which has good efficiency and a long service life of the skeleton seal.
7. Low-noise four-column hydraulic machine control circuit design scheme, with high and short equipment failures.
8. The installation is simple and clear, no pavement works are required.

9. Horizontal structure, can be equipped with belt conveyor feeding or manual feeding. Horizontal horizontal balers have high-quality rigid ductility and efficiency. The 30-ton hydraulic balers are unique in appearance design, saving time and effort during maintenance and safety performance. Green and environmental protection, low investment costs for industrial equipment foundation projects.

Nick Machinery’s 30-ton hydraulic baler is widely used in various waste paper mills, waste recycling companies and other enterprises. It can be used to package and purchase second-hand waste paper, plastic straw, etc., which is to increase labor productivity and reduce labor. Good industrial equipment that is efficient, saves on personnel management, and reduces transportation costs.
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