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straw baler recycling Green straw to promote economic development
Author : admin Time : 2020-09-16 AllPageView : 425
In the past,most of the Green straws of crops were wasted.Nowadays,the reuse of Green straw resources is gradually being valued by the public.However,there are still many Green straws that cannot be recycled and are discarded in farmland.
The methods of comprehensive utilization of Green straw are mainly Green straw for power generation,briquetting as solid fuel,Green straw gasification,edible fungus cultivation,Green straw feed,etc.However,low comprehensive utilization rate is common in actual operations.
For issues such as high costs,my country must place the development and utilization of crop Green straw in the strategic position of "big resources".
How to improve the utilization rate of Green straw?
1.The state needs to establish supporting policies to encourage enterprises and people to realize the reuse of recycled Green straw.
2.A sound Green straw collection and storage system needs to be established.
3.It is necessary to increase Green straw processing and storage technology to realize efficient use of Green straw.
The Green straw recycling and reuse work needs to gradually catch up.Nick Machinery is an environmentally friendly equipment manufacturer of Green straw recycling closed end baler.It will also actively cooperate with national policies,observe the Green straw recycling market,and do a good job in Green straw recycling publicity.
At the same time,it will do a good job in the promotion,production,sales and after-sales of the Green straw closed end baler and large-scale automatic Green straw compression closed end baler,which are used for recycling Green straw,and make an effort to promote the overall Green straw recycling rate in the country.
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