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Safe use of scrap metal shears
Author : admin Time : 2020-08-19 AllPageView : 539
The shearing machine is suitable for metal recycling companies, scrap steel plants, smelting and foundry companies to perform cold shearing on various shapes of steel and various metal structures to add qualified charge.
The safe use of shears is as follows:
1. The shearing machine should be operated and kept by a dedicated person. It is necessary for the operator to understand the structure and function of the machine tool.
2. It is strictly forbidden to use the shearing machine with overload. It is not allowed to cut hardened steel and hard steel, high-speed steel, alloy steel, castings and non-metallic materials.
3. When the knife is operated by multiple people, there should be a special person to command, and the cooperation should be harmonious.
4. It is forbidden to cut two different standard materials together on the shearing machine, and it is forbidden to cut by stacking.
5. Prevent the handle from promoting the operation under the pressure plate when cutting the board and feeding. When cutting short material, press it with another iron plate. When cutting material, keep your fingers away from the knife edge at least 200 mm.
6. After aligning with the pry, the pry should be pulled out immediately before cutting. If the iron plate moves, use a wooden pillow to secure it to prevent the prying from popping out and hurting people after the presser foot comes down.
7. The cut workpieces must be placed stably, not piled up too high, and must not be piled up in the aisle. Remaining materials and waste materials should be sorted out in time, and the site should be tidy.

8. The safe operation of the bending machine must abide by this regulation.

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