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Advantages in the application of Kenya mineral water bottle Baler machine 
Author : admin Time : 2022-04-12 AllPageView : 323
The temperature has slowly begun to heat up, and everyone's demand for drinks has just begun to gradually increase. As the drinks increase, the remaining mineral water bottles will also increase.
The solution of the mineral water bottle must inevitably involve the mineral water bottle Baler machine. Let's take a look at the advantages of the mineral water bottle Baler machine in the whole process of solving the mineral water bottle.
The first point: The mineral water bottle balers are all fully automatic and integrated design schemes, which can choose manual actual operation or PLC mechanical automation to carry out work. Naturally, its driving force comes from all hydraulic presses.
The second point: The feeding method can also be selected differently. For example, there are flip packages, push packages (that is, forward push or side push), and natural services can also be used to fetch packages (naturally this type of package is generally not easy Be chosen).
The third point: Under all normal conditions, the mineral water bottle Baler is driven by electric engineering, but it is very convenient to turn on the oil extraction machine as the driving force under the condition of no electric engineering.
The fourth point: Customers can choose different work pressure levels according to their own requirements. There are 10 levels from 63T to 400T. Naturally different levels have different production efficiency. The greater the work pressure, the production efficiency. It is also higher.
Fifth point: It is easy to transport, so the packaging specifications for mineral water bottles can also be set, and naturally, it must be customized for the compression chamber.
The sixth point: the curved surface structure is used between the pusher cylinder and the pusher head. Such a design scheme is more excellent at the level of credibility, and can increase the life of the skeleton seal to a certain level.
Seventh point: The feeding port contains a distributed cutting knife. Such a layout makes the cutting efficiency higher.
Eighth point: In order to reduce the repair rate of the mineral water bottle Baler, the design scheme of the hydraulic machine control circuit with low noise is generally used.
The ninth point: the new type mineral water bottle Baler machine does not need all the roadbed, and the installation level is also very simple.

The application of the mineral water bottle Baler machine also has a great effect on the ecological environment protection. After all, the biodegradable raw materials such as plastic are very harmful to the natural environment, and the promotion of the purchase of this type of product is the natural environment. Larger maintenance.

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